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Health & Mobility

For indoors as well as outdoors, 3 wheels or 4 wheels, scooters are for active people who want to remain active, even when they have slowed down a bit. Choose from the widest range of vehicles in the market made by "Pride", "Golden" or "Merits". We have scooters for every need and every budget.
Pride GoGo
Pride Celebrity XPride LegendPride Legend XL
Pride RevoPride SundancerPride Victory
Merits Pioneer 2Merits Pioneer 4Merits S538
Pride Wrangler PMVGoGo Elite
Go trim your rosebushes in your backyard on your Revo. Go to the mall, to the park, to the Harbor in style with a 3 wheeler Celebrity. Go fishing or hunting on your Avenger. Go golfing with a Wrangler. Go visit your friends on your Legend. Go and do the things that are dear to you without fear or apprehension. Life is better with a scooter!
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