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How to get free medical equipment?

Do you know that you may qualify for free medical equipment paid for by Medicare (80%) and your supplemental insurance (20%)?

You only need to have Medicare Part B and to have your doctor recommend the equipment.

The equipment you may qualify for includes: Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, Manual Wheelchair, Hospital bed, Walkers, Canes, Crutches, Bedside Commodes, Hoyer lifts, and Seat Lift Mechanisms.

Except for motorized equipment you only need a prescription from your doctor that specifies the equipment you need, the diagnosis that explains your need, and the length of time you will need it for.

For seat lift mechanisms you also need a certificate of medical necessity completed by your doctor.

For power wheelchairs and scooters, your doctor will need to examine you in his or her office and then write you a prescription and also give you a copy of his/her office notes that justify your need.

The notes must clearly state:
  1. You have mobility limitations that significantly impair your ability to safely accomplish one or more Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADLs)
  2. You do not have upper extremity function to safely self-propel a manual wheelchair to perform the MRADLs.
  3. You have sufficient physical capabilities to safely use the POV in your home.
  4. You are willing and have the cognitive ability to use safely the POV.
These are the conditions you must fulfill in order to have Medicare pay for it.

When you have these documents, just bring them to us together with your Medicare card and you will just have to choose the model you want (within Medicare allowance of course).

And if we accept it and Medicare denies it, you will keep it for free anyway.

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